Aimee Pradel

Aimee Pradel creates each object of enchantment from copper and clay. She uses her skills as a florist and a painter to bring each piece to life.

All her pieces have been meticulously considered and are created to beautify and bring forth aesthetic pleasure into your world.

"My process begins with a gathering of materials all chosen for their look and feel...I hand-cut and form every detail of the flowers and foliage from copper and sculpted clay. A lifelong floral infatuation has helped me understand the nature and habit of the flowers, needed to recreate each bloom.

I then paint in layers to create an old world patina, using a palette inspired by the dusty faded facades of French salons and botanical gardens in Europe.

The next stage is my favourite part as the alchemy reveals itself...I play, I arrange, I sculpt until the pieces come to life."

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