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This collection of paintings depicts a variety of subjects from my garden and nearby trails, or gifted by friends, painted inside and out. I love variety and take pleasure in contemplating the unique experience of form and meaning that can be found in every new subject, whether it be a glowing fresh fruit adorning the branch of a tree in summer, or the soft fall of light on a shelf edge in winter.  

The pattern of seasons connects these various pieces in that ceaseless rhythm, reflecting a simple life enthralled by the timeless and always changing ornaments of nature.

Ann Maree Clark Bio

Working from her home studio in Canberra, and painting and drawing from life, Ann Maree Clark’s floral and botanical studies, still-lifes, figurative studies and landscapes are a contemplative observation of form and light, a contemporary reiteration of traditional subjects and techniques. She was a finalist in the 15th International ARC Salon in 2020, and has been a finalist in the EMSLA, Lethbridge, Kilgour, Mosman and Mandorla Prizes.

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