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My landscapes have always been a fantasy space for me, only loosely based in truth. My core sensibility investigates Australian natives, Movement, Colour and to a certain extent has a sartorial element. I’m fascinated with the idea of the Sublime in art and literature and a certain theatricality along those lines seems to linger in my work. I would like to think my paintings possess their own emotion, their own truth, and that each one preserves space for individual interpretation.

Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and Sublime (Immanuel Kant ) held that there were three kinds -  the noble , the splendid and the terrifying.

In his Critique of Judgment (1790),[14]Kant distinguishes between the "remarkable differences" of the Beautiful and the Sublime, noting that beauty "is connected with the form of the object", having "boundaries", while the sublime "is to be found in a formless object", represented by a "boundlessness"

I seek to reference both of these, the ‘boundaries’ of the object through Still Life and the ‘boundlessness’ of my more immersive bushland paintings. I am to make the viewer feel part of nature, immersed in rather than separate.


2004      Bachelor Fine Art with Distinction, RMIT

2005      Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training

1999      Diploma Visual Art, Box Hill Tafe


2023       AKBellinger Gallery

2023       Grainger Gallery

2022       Expecting flowers in the sky, Grainger Gallery ACT

2022       My heart beats faster, Fenton & Fenton Gallery

2021       I didn’t come here to stay, Grainger Gallery ACT

2021      Questionable arrangements, AK Bellinger Gallery

2017      Loud & Lunatic, Anthea Polson Art, Queensland

2014      Land of grass without memory, Gadfly gallery, Perth

2012      Static gesture, Spiro and Grace Art Rooms, Brisbane

2012      Best Imitation, Anthea Polson Art, Gold Coast

2010      Hyperballad, Harrison Galleries, Sydney

2005      Dominant, Submissive, Red Gallery Melbourne


2023       Onmia Art Prize

2022       Onmia Art Prize

2022       Affordable Art fair Melbourne, Fenton & Fenton

2021       St Kevin’s Art Prize

2022       Opening exhibition Fenton & Fenton Gallery

2020      Feel Good Exhibition, Fenton & Fenton

2019      St Kevin’s Art prize

2018      Kennedy Prize

2018      AKBellinger gallery

2017      St Kevin’s Art Award

2016      ‘Reanimating the Inanimate’ Morton Bay Regional Gallery, Queensland

2011      New works, Colour and Form, SGAR Art Rooms, Brisbane

2011      Stockroom show, Harrison Galleries

2010      John Leslie Art Prize Exhibition, Gippsland Gallery, Sale

2009      Art Sydney, Harrison Galleries, Sydney

2009      Cate Maddy, Lauren Potts and Miranda Skoczek, Harrison Galleries, Sydney

2009      Williamstown Festival Contemporary Art Award Exhibition

2007      Lost and Found, The Brick Lane Gallery, London

2007      MLC Art Prize Exhibition, MLC, Melbourne

2006      John Leslie Art Prize Exhibition, Gippsland Gallery, Sale, Victoria


2023       Finalist Omnia Art Prize

2022       Finalist Omnia Art Prize

2021       Finalist St Kevin’s Art Prize

2019      Finalist St Kevin’s Art Prize

2018      Finalist Kennedy Prize

2017      Finalist St Kevin’s Art Award

2011      Finalist Prometheus Award, Queensland

2010      Finalist Redlands Art Award, Queensland (withdrawn)

2010      Finalist John Leslie Art Prize, Gippsland Gallery, Sale

2009      Finalist Williamstown Contemporary Art Award

2007       Finalist MLC Art Prize

2006      Finalist John Leslie Art Prize, Gippsland Gallery, Sale

2004       Awarded the 2004 Siemans RMIT Fine Art Travel Scholarship


Artbank - Sydney

Mater Private Hospital collection, Brisbane

St Kevin;s Toorak

Tolarno Boutique Hotels Melbourne

Private collections Australia, London and America.

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