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Helen McCullagh

Genevieve Carroll

This is not a still life ​


I studied at the National Art School 2002 -2005 and work across diverse disciplines including painting, sculpture, animation, poetry and drawing.


My artwork is under the ongoing title of The Wattle Room and I love to explore ideas of the ongoing struggle and complex relationships between two powers, that of the natural world and humanity, using everyday and found objects and creating them into colourful abstract compositions.  I love to combine colourful interiors with exterior landscapes, as this way of working becomes a metaphor to represent humankind in the natural world.


The long-term central theme is inspired by my love of language such as modernist poetry and literature, Samuel Beckett, Wallace Stevens are favourites, which explore the aspects of living in a world that conveys the nonsensical and the irrational, absurdity and humour.

G e n e v i e v e   C a r r o l l 

Born 1960 Sydney Australia


2004 Bachelor of Fine Arts National Art School

2000 Diploma of Fine Arts Hornsby Tafe


2020 This is not a still life - A.K.Bellinger

         October - Wagner Contemporary Sydney

2017 Thurning Villa Ashfield Sydney

2015 The Wattle Room Chapter 7 Cowra Regional Art Gallery

2013 Bedspread of Natural History - Dubbo Western Plains Cultural Centre

2012 Winters Resolve  - Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

2010 Fatigue of the Vertical - Damien Minton Gallery Sydney

2009 Sisyphus Presence - Damien Minton Gallery Sydney

2008 Theatre of the Fatigued - Damien Minton Gallery Sydney

2007 Theatre of the Fatigued - Cite des Arts Paris

         Blue Lagoon - Newington Arts Festival

2006 Boogy - Man Tall Hill End Press

2005 Dutiful Daughter - Mary Place Gallery Sydney

         Your stretching me to the limit - Cockatoo Island Festival


2020 The Summer Exhibition – Wagner Contemporary

         40/40 Project – Wagner Contemporary

2019 Modern Love A.K Bellinger

         Wagner Contemporary group exhibition

2018 Star Picket - Orange Regional Art Gallery

         Interiors - Orange Regional Art Gallery

         Horse – Darren Knight Gallery

         Articulate Project Space – Sydney

         Big Little Histories of Canowindra – the Corridor project

         Wagner Contemporary - Group Exhibition



2017 (Un)packed -  Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

         The Hill End Table – Food, Fire, Art – Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

         The End - Hill End

2016 Artlands - Dubbo

         Second Nature - My thoughts are walking round the table - Coolburn The CORRIDOR project

2015 Cementa  - Kandos

         Out of the studio - Jean Bellette Gallery Hill End Press

         200 x 200 - Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

         Sculpture in the Garden - Rosby Wines Mudgee  

2014 Natura Morta - Orange Regional Art Gallery

         Redfern Biennale - 14 works on paper

2013 Out of the studio - Jean Bellette Gallery Hill End Press

2012 Paintings and photogravure Genevieve Carroll and Bill Moseley - Damien Minton Gallery Sydney

         Out of the studio - Jean Bellette Gallery Hill End Press

         History of Cell Block Theatre - National Art School Sydney

2010 The Paris Studio - Charles Hewitt Gallery Sydney

2009 Sculpture - Jean Bellette Gallery Hill End Press

         Drawn from Hill End - Jean Bellette Gallery Hill End Press


2017 Finalist Calleen Art Prize & Central West Art Prize

2015 Awarded Arts Unlimited Pro Hart Painting Prize

2014 Awarded Central West Art Prize

         Finalist Portia Geach S H Ervin Gallery Sydney

2013 Highly recommended Arts Unlimited

         Finalist Calleen Art Prize

         Awarded Central West Art Prize

2012 Finalist Calleen Art Prize

         Arts Unlimited Highly recommended

2010 Awarded Portrait Prize Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

         Finalist Calleen Art Prize & Central West Art Prize

2003 Finalist John Olsen Drawing Prize National Art School

2001 Printmaking Award Willoughby Art Prize

2000 Phyllis Arnott Printmaking Award



2020 PD Lab The CORRIDOR project

2017 Star Picket Lake Mungo The CORRIDOR project, Thurning Villa Ashfield

2016 Artlands - Dubbo

2015 Cementa - Kandos

         Coolburn - Old Mapoon Cape York The CORRIDOR project

2007 Awarded Tim Storrier and Annette Onlsow Cite des Arts Paris – National Art School



Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Private Collections Australia


2019 The Art Life Blog - Andrew Frost – Guest blogger Alex Wisser - Imposed Inconvenience: Who’s afraid of Public Art

2018 Artist Profile - StarPicket, the Corridor project

         The Foraged Home - Joanna Maclennan – Thames and Hudson

2016 Artist Profile - Cool Burn – the Corridor project

2017 Hill End Table - La Paloma Pottery

2016 SHELTER Kara Rosenlund

         Country Style March

2015 Martyn Thompson Working Spaces  

2014 The Planthunter - A beautiful purposeful anarchy 

         Clandulla State Gallery The Survey Show

2012 Vogue Living July/August

2009 Marie Claire – January

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