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Greg Ferry

Greg Ferry was born in 1980 in Canberra. He studied Fine Art at the University of Tasmania and has lived in Hobart since 2005. Spending his formative years in Brisbane, during the 1980s and 90s, Ferry witnessed big dreams crashing all around him. Observing failure as biproduct of financial booms and busts, Ferry took notice of the fragments left behind. The story of time passing by remains in the landscape and history is considered and given respect.


Painting is like a religion to Ferry, each prayer or painting reveals a discipline that shows adept skill, realist training and honesty. Landscapes are painted en plein air, providing a true sensation of atmosphere to old building and surrounding environments. Imagined dreamscapes involving a huge Huntaway dog called Harvey are joyous works, full of vibrant colour and escapism. Oil on Canvas, board and Aluminium panel shimmer with hundreds of tiny brushstrokes when you look closely. There is a real sense of devoted enjoyment within the Harvey works in particular. Burgers, Pizza, Chips and Donuts are bought and studied alongside this huge humanised canine. Imagined dreams of takeaway food are probably close to the mark, Food being the imagined capital for materialistic endeavour. If such a dog were to dream, what would these dreams look like? Ferry has created an outstanding assortment of mind-bending options. These paintings breathe jubilation, yet underneath the frivolity, questions are being asked. Combining alternate layers of meaning with technical skill is essential for making great paintings. These current works by Ferry are testament to that.

Greg Ferry

Artists CV


Born: Canberra Australia 1980.

Currently lives in Hobart Australia



1990: scholarship with Queensland Art Gallery


2004: TAFE Fine Arts Launceston Tasmania

  • Life Drawing

  • Life Painting


2006-2007: TAFE Hobart

  •  Life drawing

  • Portrait painting


2008-2011: University of Tasmania Fine Arts

  • Studio major Painting


2015: Victorian Arts Society

  • Tonalist Painting


2018: Welsh Academy of Art Wales

  • Landscape painting



2019    Recent Paintings Off Centre Gallery, Salamanca Art Centre Hobart

2018    Recent Paintings Swansea Espresso Bar, Swansea Wales UK

2016    Group Exhibition Union Hotel, Fitzroy Melbourne

2015    Figuration Sensation Group Exhibition Union Hotel, Fitzroy Melbourne

2015    Melton Hole 69 Smith Street Gallery, Fitzroy Melbourne

2015    Victorian Artists Society Autumn Exhibition, Melbourne

2014    Ground Zero Opening Exhibition, Hobart

2013    Prestige Waterfront Constance ARI, Hobart

2012    Monsters L Amour Jimmy’s Skate Shop 120 Elizabeth Street, Hobart

2012    Serotonin Drawing Exhibition Entrepot gallery, Hobart

2011    Continuum Graduate Exhibition Paintings Tasmanian School of Art, Hobart

2011    The Raw and the Restless Paintings by Greg Ferry and Kendra Dick Entrepot Gallery, Hobart

2010    Transition Studio Gallery Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart

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