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Helen McCullagh

Jenny Ahmad

Jenny Ahmad is an emerging artist whose visceral and excited paintings are interested in the tension
and dialectic between abstraction and figuration and the moment where representation is messed up
by memory.

Jenny's paintings explore how attachment transfigures objects and space and her
charged brushwork and misshapen drawing tries to express felt subjectivity through psychological
colour and tries to communicate a phenomenological experience of spaces invested with emotion
and mistakes.

Her images shimmer between the real and the remembered, with the wonky problems
of distortion and affection, and are all about the gaps and glimpses beyond the ordinary.


2020 John Glover Prize
2018 The way we see ourselves, Westend Art Space, Melbourne Fringe Festival
2017 Petits Travaux, Aarwun Gallery, Canberra
2017 Christmas Show, AK Bellinger, Inverell
2017 Homescapes, curator Amber Creswell Bell, Saint Cloche Gallery, Paddington
2017 Still & Private Lives, AK Bellinger Gallery, Inverell
2016 Sunrise, Aarwun Gallery, Canberra
2014 Artist Society of Canberra Assoc. Annual Exhibition
2006 Artquake, Stone Gallery, Paddington
2005 Protest Biennale, Mori gallery, Sydney
2004 Inqueery, KUDOS gallery, Paddington
2004 Taboo, KNOT gallery, Surry Hills



2005 BFA, Sculpture, Installation Art & Performance, College of Fine Arts, Sydney


2018 Chelsea International Fine Art Prize, Agora Gallery, New York
2014 Peg Minty Prize for Landscape, Canberra
2003 Emerging Artists & Designers Award, 2nd, KUDOS Gallery, Sydney

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