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Joe Blundell


2019 The Paddington Art Prize Exhibition, Menzies, Sydney[Group]

2019 The Hadley Art Prize, Hobart, Tazmania [Group]

2019 Habitats, Tacit Gallery, Collingwood, VIC [SOLO]

2018 Urban Nature Exhibition, Hawthorn Gallery, Victoria, Australia [SOLO]

2017 Without Pier Gallery, VIC [Group]

2016, Kennedy Prize Exhibition, Fisher Jeffries Gallery, Adelaide, SA, Australia [Group]

2015, Artists & Illustrators, Artists of the Year Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, UK [Group] Collections



2020 Victorian Artist’s Society Winter Exhibition [Highly Commended]

2019 Paddington Art Prize 2019, Sydney [Winner, Honourable Mention Prize]

2019 The Hadley’s Art Prize, Hobart, TAZ [Finalist]

2019 City of Boroondara Award, Camberwell Art Show, VIC [Winner]

2019 Marvellous Melbourne, its art and soul, Melbourne [Winner, People’s Choice Prize]

2018 St Kevin’s Art Show, Melbourne [Winner, People’s Choice Prize]

2017 Highly Commended, Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne

2016 Kennedy Prize, Adelaide, South Australia [Finalist]

2015 Artists & Illustrators, Artists of the Year, London, UK [Finalist]

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