Kali Bailey

Kali Bailey was born in Inverell, NSW. She loves and uses a variety of mediums, the current favourite being Ink drawings, painted with Inktense watercolours.  


As an Artist and a Creative Arts Therapist, Kali immerses herself in Art as a means to represent her inner world. Usually, it’s not about creating a ‘perfect’ piece of art, it’s about the process. This ‘letting go of the outcome’ results in some surprising pieces!


“Every Leaf Has A Story” collection started four years ago, not long after her Fathers’ death. It was a period of gentle healing through the love of nature.


Upon discovery of the leaf, a story begins as words describing the leaf come to mind. Each drawing then captures the essence of the leaf, with the use of vibrant colours revealing their hidden beauty.

The stories and the leaves go hand in hand. On a journey of self-discovery – often the stories describe raw emotions and express inner turmoil, darkness, pain and agony. However, they usually end on an optimistic note, reflecting Kalis’ quirky, positive personality.


Kali has had a creative life and explored whatever piqued her curiosity at the time, including clay sculpture, acrylic painting, mixed media, mosaics, charcoal, pencil,  

oil pastels, soft pastels, and so much more…


She has recently exhibited at Blue Knob Gallery, Nimbin. Ukitopia, Uki and Uralla Print Gallery, Uralla NSW.


She works in northern NSW, as an Artist and Creative Arts Therapist




Twisted and knarled, she lay on the earth.

She was not alone.

Next to her was a dry and abraded one.

On the other side was one curled inwards in pain.

Above her head was the dark and gloomy one.


At her feet lay the battered and holey one.

Each one, if judged by their outward appearance,

would be completely misread.

Inside, brimming with joy and zest for life.

Kali Bailey


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