Kiata Mason


This series of work by Kiata Mason revolves around the collections of objects in the domestic home environment.


Based on the objects of her grandmothers house, the work speaks about the emotional pull that can be created by a room full of the remnants of a long and shared life.

This is the examination of an assemblage of objects that dispersed would seem like bric-a-brac for the most part but collected together tell a story of the people who have lived in the house and bean part of the family. 

The objects hold memories of times past and a life and place created by her grandmother in the sea side town of Lake Cathie that was one of joy and exploration.

 The day to day objects and food items are interspersed with objects Beatrice Kiata’s grandmother has collected through her travels overseas, and art works she has created, being an artist herself.

The house is full of shells, paintings, sculptures, flowers and other found things others might walk past that the eclectic and artistic eye of Beatrice has accumulated and loved. 


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