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Sophie Witter

I live in Hobart Tasmania with my partner and four children. I began painting as a means of self- preservation while raising my children My art practice uses colour and line to look at the ordinary but aesthetic qualities of our everyday things - like jugs, vases and pots. These objects are scattered around my home and are reflective of the home I grew up in, which was always filled with pretty objects and interesting things. Many of the works draw on recollections of my family home and childhood and visually exploring memory and nostalgia. 

My paintings are completed amidst a hectic schedule of looking after children, along with house work, paid work and other things. Part of my practice aims to challenge the notion that art making needs to be completed as a singular, elite pursuit away from the distractions of life. Like so many people making art, I have had to carve out space in my life to paint while doing many other things.


Sophie Witter


Born Sydney 1977.

Lives Hobart Tasmania




Penny Contemporary, Hobart Australia




2017 Three Sisters Longing for A Room of One’s Own. Breathing Colours Art Gallery Sydney.


2018 Exhibited work at 19 Karen Contemporary Art Space Gold Coast.  Solo Exhibition


2018 In a Minute Penny Contemporary Hobart Tasmania.

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