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Helen McCullagh

Vanessa Oter

“The Fat of the Land” : The best or richest part of anything.
The landscape in a small country town in Victoria where my home is situated just metres from the rolling hills where potatoes and onions grow and sheep and cows graze has been my subject for a few years now. Although my work is predominantly studio based, I walk the very landscape daily with my dogs, subconsciously absorbing the colour, texture, patterns and constant change all

My paintings are very layered and full with a very intuitive colour palette. The underpainting and mark making is deliberately covered up and rubbed back over and over again. It is the process of time and to build a true surface that exhibits history and substance is what is of importance to my
practice. I rarely use brushes, I feel it is so important to be as close to the work as possible,
drawing, squeezing paint directly from the tube, turning the canvas upside down, sideways, throwing buckets of pigment and turps, letting it all fall as it should. I can rarely make a painting on
the first attempt, a painting is a physical extension of my thoughts, my desires, my subconscious dialogue as visual non representational form.

I have always loved the accidental nature of abstraction, its playfulness and its anger, its connection to my emotions. I don't often like marks I deliberately make, so I get rid of them and swap hands. I like the oppositeness … I like stopping a painting when most would keep going. I like the composition to be in an awkward state, just as nature predicts. Nothing is truly perfect or
I have a vision of what I want to make, but it is the journey through the process of the making that determines the work’s finale. This is the joy, the unknowing of it all, the fear, the courage,
everything …. My paintings are the result of risk.


Vanessa Oter


1973, Melbourne Australia


RMIT, BA Fine Art Painting Honours (1st Class) 2006
RMIT, BA Fine Art Painting Undergraduate (Distinction) 1992-1994

2017: The Fat of the Land Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne
2016: Paintings Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne
2016: Animal Kingdom Boom Gallery, Newtown
2009: Installation Mine, Olinda
2008: Paintings BSG, Melbourne
2006: The Cluster Series Ballan Pannen Galleries, Melbourne
2004: Recent Paintings Intrude 2, Melbourne
2002: Williamsburg NYC, USA
The Crayon Affair Toronto, Canada
Tres The Broome Street Gallery, Soho, NYC
1997: Inside The Green Room Roar Studios, Melbourne

2017: Winter Salon Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne
Summer Salon Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne
2016: Summer Projects 111 Boom Gallery, Newtown
Of Colour and Light YSG, Abbotsford
MW Foundation Ball NGV, Melbourne
2015: Group Show Anita Traynor Fine Art, Melbourne
2014: Peace of Art Fenton and Fenton, Melbourne
2012: Half Cut Upstairs At The Napier, Melbourne
2010: Exploration 10 Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne
2009: Paddington Art Prize Sydney, Australia
2008: Art Melbourne Thierry B, Melbourne
2007: Art Melbourne, Art Sydney Thierry B, Melbourne
2006: Metro 5 Art Award Metro Gallery, Melbourne
2005: Landed Gasworks, Melbourne
A4 Exhibition

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