Vanessa Stockard

Spring is here, and living in the Southern Highlands you sure notice it. There are blossoms everywhere and the air is fragrant and heady with perfume. During this season I always feel I have little choice with my subject matter, that being of flowers and I expect I will do the same each year.


I like to paint swiftly, I apply much of the oil paint with palette knives and afterwards I use small brushes to indicate petals and other intricate details, I guess I really like the combination of haphazard wild paint application and sensitive well thought out line work working in tandem. Apart from enjoying the direct observation of all these blooms I frankly just cut from the garden, I am enthusiastic about colour choices for backdrop and drapery.

Currently I have been using a curtain motif throughout many of my works, as If I am presenting these objects and still life arrangements on a stage. After all, still life painting is mostly staged and a carefully arranged genre.




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