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Helen McCullagh

Lilli Strömland

I am fascinated by our intimate relationships with our homes, and particularly within the communal
space of the kitchen. Here, daily candid interactions of people and objects can be observed. I choose to
capture the moments in between; the preparation of dinner, unpacking the shopping, stacking dirty
dishes etc. It’s these simple moments that make up the web of life.

I painted these works in the kitchen of my family home in Annandale, Sydney. I have a very sentimental
relationship with this kitchen. Everything from the marble benchtop surfaces, the white plastic and
wooden chopping boards, the cutlery and the groceries feel familiar. The scenes remind me strongly of
my mother, and of her aesthetic and way of living, which she has in turn taught to me. Family is one of
the most important things in my life. I get excited, warm bubbling feelings at the thought of a family
dinner in the Annandale kitchen with my Mum, Brother and cousins. This is what I want to capture, this
positive emotion that is sparked from having people within my private space. My paintings are
snapshots of seemingly ordinary kitchen activities that trigger a nostalgia that we can all relate to.


2015 - Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Painting


2019 - ‘Share the Dignity’ group charity exhibition curated by Amber Crewell Bell
2019 - ‘Genius Loci’ group exhibition curated by Amber Crewell Bell
2019 - Shown in the Salon De Refusés at S.H. Ervin Gallery, Millers Point
2019 - ‘The Paper Salon’ group show at aMBUSH Gallery, Waterloo
2018 - ‘SMEAR’ group show at Sheffer Gallery, Darlington
2018 - Online feature and ‘Pop-Up’ show with Collab Gallery
2017 - ‘Sightlines’ group show at Collab Gallery, Chippendale
2015 - National Art School Undergrad Show
2015 - ‘SPANK’ group show, Factory 49, Marrickville
2015 - ‘Flashes from the Axis: Second year abstractions’ group show, Library Stairwell Gallery, The
            National Art School
2013 - ‘Gloss’ group show, warehouse space, Alexandria
2013 - ArtExpress, the Art Gallery of NSW
2013 - ArtExpress, Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery

Prizes and Awards

2019 - Finalist in the Portia Geach Memorial Award at S.H. Ervin Gallery, Millers Point
2019 - Emerging artist finalist in the Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize
2018 - Shortlisted for the Evelyn Chapman Art Award
2018 - Finalist in the Waverley Art Prize, Waverley Woollahra Art School
2017 - Finalist in the Greenway Art Prize, Leichhardt
2017 - Finalist in the Art Piece 30x30 Art Prize, Mullumbimby
2017 - Finalist in the Waverley 9x5 Art Prize, Waverley Woollahra Art School
2016 - Australian representative for the Mirandas International Award
2016 - Highly commended in the Tertiary Division of the Mosman Youth Art Prize
2015 - Awarded the Chroma Prize for Excellence, National Art School
2014 - Semi-Finalist in the Doug Moran Portrait Prize
2014 - Awarded the Mosman Art Society Youth Art Prize in the Mosman Youth Art Prize
2011 - Won the Ashley Marie Marcos Scholarship for Art at SCEGGS Darlinghurst

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