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Matt Palmer

Australian based Matt Palmer paints from a nostalgic distance. Palmer describes his relationship with the landscape as one of being “constantly drawn back to its dream-like qualities and emotional resonance. It is this subconscious, silent conversation that I find myself always drawn back into.” In a meditative mode of working Palmer searches for imagery that simultaneously reminds him of his childhood and the history of the painting genre, setting out to identify that place in his imagination that falls somewhere between desire and reality, a construction of intimate experiences and highly personalised landscapes.

Palmer’s father is the well-known New Zealand landscape painter Stanley Palmer and a large influence on the artist growing up. Matt was brought up experiencing image making in multiple mediums and from many different angles, exploring its far reaches as he went on his father’s frequent painting excursions. Palmer’s creative upbringing lead him Elam School of Art where he was taught and a further inspired by Denys Watkins; following which he moved to Sydney in the mid-nineties to explore a career as film director, working extensively on short films and music videos for which he has won a range of awards in Australia and overseas.

Throughout this period, Palmer has been experimenting with the landscape and portrait genres, attempting to bridge the gap between his painting, printmaking and film projects; developing a specific technique (and aesthetic) which lies somewhere between photograph, painting and film. His distinctive work is painterly and at the same time cinematic, often brooding and always loaded with potential and untold narrative.

Palmer had his first show of paintings in 2013, and two subsequent sell out exhibitions in 2014 & 2017. His paintings have been reviewed favourably by herald critic TJ McNamara and feature in a variety of private and corporate collections across Australasia, Europe and the USA.



Lives and works in Sydney

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Elam, Auckland University 1983- 1985



2019 “Short stories” Allison Kate Bellinger Gallery Inverell

2019 “Spring” Melenium Gallery Blenheim

2019 “Someplace, somewhere, sometime” NKB Gallery, Auckland

2019 “Ways home” Solander Gallery Wellington

2018 “From a distance” NKB Gallery, Auckland

2018 “Making landfall” Solander Gallery Wellington

2017 “The longing” NKB Gallery, Auckland

2016 “Little Birds” Published Art Sydney

2017 “Making landfall” Solander Gallery Wellington

2016 “South of here” Hastings City Gallery Hastings

2014 “Pieces of my past” NKB Gallery, Auckland

2013 “Memory and Myth” NKB Gallery, Auckland

2012 “Fabrications” NKB Gallery Auckland
2012 “Joyous Child” Syndicate at Danks Sydney
2012 “New Zealand to New York” Agora Gallery New York

2011 “In between the silence” Flagstaff Gallery Auckland

2010 “In print” NKB Gallery Auckland

2010 “Spring catalogue” Milford Galleries Queenstown

2010 “New to gallery” Flagstaff gallery Auckland
2010 “Storyboard project” at the Studio Gallery Sydney

2009 “Meandering” Lane Gallery Auckland

2008 “BMW” Auckland Art awards emerging artists selection

2008 “Misplaced” Lane Gallery Auckland
2007 “Slipping in time” at China Heights Gallery Sydney

2007 “Large works” Group show Lane Gallery Auckland

2007 “Places I think I’ve been” at the Studio Gallery Sydney

2006 “Anti Portraits” at Mary Place Gallery Sydney

2005 Photographs at Deluxe Courtney place Wellington
2003 Music video instillation “Kissing booth” at Auckland City Gallery

1996 Video Instillation at Fringe film festival Wellington
1991 Paintings at Deluxe Courtney place Wellington
1989 Cross pollination at Art Space Gallery Auckland
1988 Paintings at Deluxe Courtney place Wellington
1986 Paintings at Deluxe Courtney place Wellington



2010 Girl in a black hat short film for Storyboard Project exhibition
2009 Dead Air short film for Sleep Deprived productions 2008 Ted Brown Precious Moments music video for NZ on Air 2008 Kick started” short film for B boy productions
2007 Slipping in time short film for China Heights exhibition

2006 Ted Brown “I bet myself” for Flaming Pearl Music and NZ on Air

2002 Frotteur short film for B boy productions

2001 Mary music video for Global roots records

2000 Before Friday Music video for Polygram records
2000 Mary music video for Panty records
1999 Had enough Documentary for Michael Bird productions ALAC

1997 Think about using Documentary for Hanmer Institute Auckland

1995 Future stupid Music video for Wildside records
1992 Jean Paul Sartre Experience Music video for Festival records 1991 Dead flowers Music video for Festival records NZ on Air

1990 Money Worries Music video for Wild side records
1990 Red Letter Short film for Arts council of New Zealand
1989 Naked Angel Short film for Iron Eye productions Wellington

1989 Positivity music video for Wild side records

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